About Our Foundation

The Kovic Foundation took root after the 3 founding brothers returned from a expedition in Europe. The 3 brothers saw how children lived abroad and realized that children are the future of the world. Once returning to the United States of America, The 3 Jurkovic brothers decided they would start The Kovic Foundation to combat against child malnourishment and hunger all around the globe. It has become the mission of The Kovic Foundation that no child, worldwide, shall go hungry and continue to be malnourished.

About our staff


Nikola Jurkovic, CEO

Nikola Jurkovic, from San Jose, California is a social activist responsible for organizing local community events. He is responsible for local communities seeing results from his actions. He also likes to read book on his spare time and blog to local bulletins regarding children hunger awareness.


Milan Jurkovic, CFO

Milan Jurkovic, from San Jose, California is a college graduate holding and accomplished record executive for over the last 10 Years. Jurkovic co-founded an indie urban record label, which was responsible for launching the careers of key artists from the bay area. He is also responsible for discovering and connecting key talent in the bay area to the appropriate networks.


Luka Jurkovic, COO

Luka Jurkovic, from San Jose, California is an American record producer who has produced for key artists in the bay area. He is also responsible for co-founding an independent production company, which oversaw the production and creation of singles for mainstream artists. Due to his involvement, key artists have been able to benefit from new opportunities, otherwise missed without his expertise in the subject. He is also a subject matter expert when it comes to child hunger in foreign lands.