3011, 2015

Bay Area students hawk unhealthy and illegal junk food on campuses

LOAKLAND, Calif. - Not allowed to officially have a job at a young age and in dire need of cash, a number of middle and high school students are turning up their entrepreneurial – but

3011, 2015

More Bay Area schools try to solve the riddle of how to whip up fresh, healthy low-cost school lunches

LIn the kitchen at Oakland’s Ralph Bunche High School, fourteams of culinary students are sauteing, simmering and searing bite-sized chunks of antibiotic-free chicken, in a culinary challenge as riveting as any reality TV cooking showdown.

1110, 2015

Low-Income Students and School Meal Programs in California

Summary School nutrition programs help improve nutrition among vulnerable children. In so doing, they help build a better future for these children and the state. Now that California is implementing the Local Control Funding Formula

1110, 2015

Implementing Local Accountability in California’s Schools: The First Year of Planning

Summary The passage of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) in 2013 gave California school districts flexibility in allocating resources and significantly boosted state support for the education of disadvantaged students. LCFF also includes a

1110, 2015

How California is reinventing school meals

For more than 70 years, school lunches have been a staple of American education. If that gives you flashbacks to frozen fish sticks and mystery meat, think again. Prompted by concerns about childhood obesity and

1110, 2015

California school district rewrites menu for student lunches

Director, Oakland Schools Director of Nutrition Services:, Rethinking School Lunch:, Farm to School Supervisor, Oakland Unified School District Nutrition Services:, School Board Director, Oakland Unified School District: GWEN IFILL: Finally tonight: With the new school

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