Connecting the Dots: GMOs and Our Food Future

LConnecting the Dots: GMOs and Our Food Future The recent New York Times editorial, which argues against labeling genetically modified foods (GMOs), is shocking in its shortsightedness. The thrust of the argument is that GMOs pose no risk to consumers; the editorial reads, “there is no reliable evidence that genetically modified foods now on the

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Mother And Daughter Team Launch Scrumpt, An Easier Way To Pack A Healthy School Lunch

LA new wave of startups, including companies like Blue Apron, Plated, HelloFresh and more, have been catering to consumers looking to cook healthier meals at home, but lack the time to shop and source the right ingredients. Mother And DaughterTeam Launch Scrumpt, An EasierWayTo Pack A Healthy School Lunch News Video Events Crunchbase Trending 

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Bay Area students hawk unhealthy and illegal junk food on campuses

LOAKLAND, Calif. - Not allowed to officially have a job at a young age and in dire need of cash, a number of middle and high school students are turning up their entrepreneurial – but unhealthy and technically illegal – efforts, starting pop-up junk food shops on campuses in the Bay Area and beyond. Last

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