The Kovic Foundation took root after the 3 founding brothers returned from an expedition in Europe. There, we realized that malnutrition is a global problem, every country in the world is affected by some form of malnutrition but we also saw how gastronomy can be an agent for social change. Around the globe, food is more than just a nutritional need, preparing and sharing food with loved ones is a powerful way of preserving cultural identities and connect to our heritage. Remember the casserole your grandmother used to make for Thanksgiving? Something so simple can mean so much.

Once returning to the United States of America, inspired by the richness of diverse food traditions and guided by the idea of a world where each and every citizen have access to healthy and sustainable food we decided to start The Kovic Foundation, so we could take part on this fundamental fight for equal opportunities and transform lives through better nutrition.



For many children the lunch or breakfast they eat at school can be the only hot meal they have in a day.

In its first year of existence, the Kovic Foundation worked with 27 elementary schools in the San José unified school district to assess the needs and offer direct assistance. Providing under privileged children who cannot afford a school meal an opportunity to be fed by subsidizing the child with a hot meal. We believe that our aid help children who are prone to malnutrition due to financial hardships continue to be successful by providing a hot meal to fuel their brains and keep them engaged and active throughout the school day.